eLignin Database

  • 1 year anniversary

    Today marks the 1st full year of the public relase of the eLignin database (Happy Birthday!). We would like to thank everybody who has shown an interest in our humble little webpage during this start up period and hope that you have found it useful. Our ambition for the coming year is of improve the database by adding more content and indexing more publications from the field. We plan to peform a major expansion of the dataset this spring and then continue to add more data in batches over the rest of the year.

  • A Midsummers Update

    A challenge with the bibliome of microbial lignin catabolism, is that many organisms in this niche have been (or will be) subjected to taxonomic reclassifications over time. A famous example is that of the aromatic compound-loving Cupriavidus necator, which in older publications (depending how far back in time you go) were known under the names of either Hydrogenomonas eutrophus, Alcaligenes eutropha, Ralstonia eutropha or Wautersia eutropha. To try to harmonize the nomenclature - and to minimize confusion- the organism pages have now (when possible) been updated with links to the NCBI Taxonomy database. If you are unsure of whether an organism on eLignin is known under another name, please use the links to make certain.

    We would also like to remind you that although we have reached the end of the beta-phase, we are constantly in the process of finding and solving bugs. We are a small team, and we do our best to make the site function as smoothly as possible, although it might take us some time to discover certain bugs. Thank you for your patience.

  • eLignin at the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference

    The eLignin database will be present at poster sessions of the 7th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference 28-30 March, 2017 at the Courtyard Marriot, Stockholm. We will demonstrate the database and hopefully get valuable feedback from the conference participants.

  • eLignin Beta is live!

    We are proud to present that the online version of the eLignin database (Beta) is now open to the public. During the Beta phase, functions and content is still being added to site, and we therefore ask you to be patient when it comes to bugs and work-in-progress entries. Thank you for visiting and please enjoy the database.